Making the world a better place through clothes

10% of your order goes to TRAILBLAZER FOUNDATION – Every time

The very essence of TRAILBLAZER is to support athletes, whether they are young, old, professionals or active in their leisure-time. 
Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to do so. 

TRAILBLAZER FOUNDATION is a non-profit organisation under the TRAILBLAZER brand, which most important job is to spread the world of sports to  children around the world who doesn’t have the opportunity or abilty to do so. 

We are supporting young TRAILBLAZERS with clothes, equipment and  people, to inspire and show them the world of sports. 

Every time you make an order or buy a TRAILBLAZER product, 10% of the revenue goes directly to the foundation. Therefore it is also your foundation – and for that, we want to thank you! 

You can see what the foundation has done for children around the world so far below. 

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